National Coordination of E4E Education for Entrepreneurship

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Dynamics and mobility of competitiveness and the development of competitive advantage are based on the development of entrepreneurship as well as the development of entrepreneurial education stressing the adoption of the compulsory entrepreneurial competences. European charter for Small Enterprises, Lisabon strategy and other relevant documents of the European Union, especially highlight this focus. In this context there is a need to redefine existent solutions and affirm the new best praxis examples at all levels of educational system of the Republic of Croatia that represents the main goal of E4E - Education for Entrepreneurship, project launched by Croatian Chamber of Economy.

E4E system facilitates purposed and fast implementation of changes in education, aligned with the development directions of Croatian economy.


To strengthen the general entrepreneurial capacity stressing the human potential development with the goal of developing economic competitiveness.


To create an integral system for entrepreneurship educational as a concept of lifelong learning and in line with the up-to-date needs of world market with the special light on educational goals of the EU by taking into account the current situation and the development directions of the Croatian economy.


1. Strategic goals

  • lifelong learning and training for understanding and gaining the economic system logic and the basic techniques of entrepreneurial thinking with the purpose of stimulating the general development in the Republic of Croatia
  • developing an unique system of entrepreneurship education, as one of the 8 key competences of the EU, encompassing all social groups
  • continuous development of Strategy of Entrepreneurial Learning, its implementation, monitoring and evaluation
  • coordination and support of the structural dialogue of all relevant stakeholders in Croatian economy with the goal of raising the general entrepreneurial capacity and enhancing competitiveness
  • strengthening the capacity of educational system (curriculum, teacher training, school management training) with the goal of successful implementation of the Strategy of Entrepreneurial Learning
  • articulating the policy of improving the human resources potential in the companies, in line with the actual economic development

2. National Coordination of E4E

  1. Minpo Ministry of Entrepreneurship and Crafts
  2. Mzos Ministry of Science, Education and Sports
  3. Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development Ministry of Agriculture
  4. Ministry of Regional Development, Forestry and Water Ministry of Regional Development and EU Fonds
  5. Ministry of Tourism Ministry of Tourism
  6. Hgk Croatian Chamber of Economy
  7. Hok Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts
  8. Hup Croatian Employers' Association
  9. Hzz Croatian Employment Service

3. Institution system of E4E

  1. Zrinski University College of Economics, Entrepreneurship and Management Nikola Šubić Zrinski, Zagreb
  2. APZ Open University Petar Zrinski, Zagreb
  3. PSEŠ KZ Private Grammar School and Economic School Katarina Zrinski, Zagreb
  4. IRCZ Innovation and Development Center Zrinski
  5. IOZPZ Institute for Education for Entrepreneurship Zrinski
  6. Knez Malduh Knez Malduh Private School of Economics with Public Authority, Split
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